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Chapter 6: Final conclusions and outlook

6.2 Outlook

Since the fragments in goaf areas are from the collapsed roof blocks, the goaf is therefore filled with a mixture of different kinds of rock. The seismic properties and permeability of the mixture fragments are supposed to be conducted to study the effect of the rock proportion on the seismic and permeability.

Because of the risk of the in-situ investigation, the previous measurement inside the goaf area is quite limited. While, with the widely and densely goaf areas


distributed in the underground, the accurate in-situ measurement should be carried out by using advanced tools such as the robot or remote control method. If possible, the detailed condition of goaf can be grasped and enable the further study and evaluate the risk of goaf on the environment and mining field.

Finally, the pilot project of seismic monitor should be conducted in the mining area above goaf. Seismic acceleration on the ground surface in the mining area is therefore possible to be measured and propose an evaluation standard of the potential risk of the constructions on the ground surface above goaf area.



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