Transaction flow and How the wallets work

Transaction flow

In order to purchase documents on, you need to charge into your secondary wallet through payment gateways, such as Paypal and DoKu.

When you buy documents on, your secondary wallet will be immediately subtracted the amount equals to the documents' value. And you can download your purchased documents right away. Visit your personal settings to re-download what you have purchased.

Refund policy

Only when there was error transferring your money to our account on Payment gateway will we work our best to refund the money back to you. Please allow 10 to 15 business days to receive the money back to your account.

We do not refund once the documents have been sold or downloaded.

Main wallet & Secondary Wallet


Each user will have 2 wallets: main wallet and secondary wallet

  • The main wallet will be used to receive revenue from selling documents, you can withdraw money from your main wallet to your bank account or paypal account.
  • The secondary wallet will be used for buying documents on
  • You can exchange money from your main wallet to your secondary wallet to buy documents.