What to upload?

With the purposes of better manage the database, we do not encourage you to upload blank documents or already uploaded documents. Also, with the documents you want to sell out to the community, please make sure you have the right to sell those documents. If there are reports or disputes about copyright issues, you have to settle the problems with the related parties.

Currently, we only accept documents which are at least 5 pages long, have at least 1250 words and 7500 characters. We will do our best to support you with all kinds of documents in our next phase of development.

Once you get ready with the documents, please feel free to upload it onto our website!

How to upload?

To update documents, you have to log in, you can use either your Facebook, Google account or sign up your own account with us via your email address.

Then, follow our instructions on the actual upload site. We try to make it simple and effective. Drag or choose the file(s) you wish to upload in the uploading box. Our system will do the premilirary assessment on your documents and continue next step if your documents are valid.

Next step, please fill in information about your documents so that your friends and other members can find them easily when they're searching for them. All the following fields are required:

  • Title: The exact title of your document, your title should be an effective brief of your document content.
  • Subject (Topic): The field in which your documents are classified in. (Finance, Economics, Science, etc.)
  • Description: A short summary (200 characters) gives the insight into what the document is about and how it will contribute to the community.
  • Keywords: All the key phrases that people might search for when they want to find documents like yours. The systems will automatically suggest you the related keywords. You can create your new keywords here, just type in the keywords and end with a comma (,).

Finally, hit the Save button and your documents are uploaded! If you encounter any problems while uploading, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our feedback button. We love to hear from you!

Developing team