Attached Table 3 Appendix Table of Keywords




NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword

A Database, media, and information system A


NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword

AComputational theory BDigital content

BAutomata theory/Formal language theory CMultimedia

CTheory of programs DInformation systems

DComputational complexity theory EWeb services

EAlgorithm theory FMobile systems

FCryptosystem GInformation retrieval

GInformation mathematics HGraphics

HMathematical logic JVisualization

JDiscrete structure KCorpus

KComputational learning theory LStructured document

LQuantum computation theory B User interface

MCombinatorial optimization MHuman interface

AAlgorithm engineering NUser model

BParallel processing/Distributed processing PGroupware

C QVirtual reality

RWearable appliance DImplementation of programming systems SUniversal design

EOperating system TAccessibility

FSoftware engineering UUsability

GSoftware agent ASearch, logic, and inference algorithms

HSpecification/Verification of specification BLearning and knowledge acquisition

JDevelopment environment CKnowledge bases and knowledge systems

KDevelopment management DIntelligent system architecture

LEmbedded software EIntelligent information processing

A Computer system FNatural language processing

AComputer architecture GKnowledge discovery and data mining

BCircuit and system HIntelligent agent

CVLSI design technology JOntology

DHigh performance computing KWeb intelligence

EReconfigurable system A Perceptual information processing

FDependable computing APattern recognition

GEmbedded system BImage processing

B Information network CSpeech processing

HNetwork architecture DComputer vision

JNetwork protocol EInformation sensing

KNetwork security technology FSensor fusion

LMobile network technology GSensing devices systems

MTransport technology B Intelligent robotics

NOverlay network HIntelligent robot

PTraffic engineering JBehavior and environment recognition

QNetwork management technology KMotion planning

RMeasurement of networks LSensory behavior system

SUbiquitous computing MAutonomous system

TLarge scale network simulation NDigital human model

UInteroperability PAnimation

VNetwork node operating system QReal world information processing

WNetwork information representation RPhysical agents

XBasic technology of providing services SIntelligent room

1) The first stage of the screening of the research fields followed by A or B in the section “Integrated Science and Innovative Science” is carried out in two separate groups. The basis for this division in two groups is the keywords shown in all the research categories (except for “Overseas Academic Research”). Make sure to select A or B based on the keyword, when applying for the research fields in the list.

2) The first stage of the screening of the research fields followed by the numbers 1 to 5 in each category of the division column is carried out in separate groups. The basis for this division in separate groups is the keywords shown in “Scientific Research (C)”. Make sure to select a number from 1 to 5 based on the keyword, when applying for the research fields in the list for

“Scientific Research (C)”.



Programming paradigm/Programming language theory


Attached Table 3   Appendix Table of Keywords

(Discipline: Informatics)

Area: Comprehensive fields

1004 Media informatics/

Database Discipline: Informatics

Category: Integrated Science and Innovative Science

Database (DataBase Manegement System, DBMS)


Fundamental theory of informatics

Computer system/



Perception information processing/

Intelligent robotics Intelligent informatics



NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword NumberItem Research Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword

A Sensitivity informatics AResearch survey and experimental design

ASensitivity design BMultivariate analysis

BSensitivity expression CTime series analysis

CSensitivity recognition DClassification and pattern recognition

DSensitivity congnition EStatistical inference

ESensitivity robotics F

FSensitivity measurement evaluation

GAmbiguity and sensitivity GStatistical prediction and statistical control

HSensitivity information processing HModel selection

JSensitivity database JOptimization theory

KSensitivity interface KPharmaceutical statistical analysis genome

LSensitivity physiology LBehaviormetrics

MSensitivity material products MMathematical finance

NSensitivity industry NData mining

PSensitivity environmental science PSpatial statistics and environmental statistics

QSensitivity sociology QStatistics education

RSensitivity philosophy RStatistical quality control

SSensitivity pedagogy SStatistical learning theory

TSensitivity brain science TSocial research and analysis plan

USensitivity management UData science

B Soft computing A Bioinformatics

VNeural network ABioinformatics

WGenetic algorithm BGenome information processing

XFuzzy theory CProteome information processing

YChaos DComputer simulation

ZFractal EBiosystem information sciences

aComplex systems B Vitae system informatics

bProbabilistic information processing FBiological information

A Library and information science GNeuroinformatics

ALibrary science HNeural information processing

BInformation services JArtificial life system

CLibrary information systems KMolecular computing

DDigital archives LDNA computing

EInformation organization FInformation retrieval

GInformation media NumberItem Research Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword HBibliometrics and scientometrics AMolecular and cellular neuroscience

J BDevelopmental and regenerative neuroscience


B Humanistic social informatics DClinical neuroscience

KLiterature information ENeuroinformatics

LHistory information FCognitive neuroscience

MInformation sociology GBehavioral neuroscience

NLaw information HNoninvasive neuroimaging

PInformation economics JComputational neuroscience

QManagement information KNeuropsychology

REducational information LNeuroscience of language

SArt information MBrain Pathology

TMedical information A Neuroanatomy

UScience and technology information AAnatomy of neural tracts

VIntellectual property information BNeural network

WGeographic information CNeurohistology

ACognitive psychology DMolecular neurobiology

BEvolution/Development ENeural fine structure

CLearning/Thinking/Memorization FNeurohistochemistry and neurocytochemistry

DReasoning/Problem solving GNeural development and its abnormality

ESensation/Perception/Attention HNeural regeneration, remodeling and plasticity

FEmotion/Feeling/Behavior JExperimental morphology of the nervous system

GComparative cognitive psychology KAnatomical study of neuroimaging

HCognitive philosophy LNeurocytology

JBrain cognitive science B Neuropathology

KCognitive linguistics MCellular neuropathology

LComparative decision making theory NMolecular neuropathology

MCognitive engineering PNeurodegenerative diseases

NCognitive archaeology QDevelopmental disorders

Statistical science 1010


science 1102Nerve anatomy/

Neuropathology Sensitivity


Soft computing


Life informatics


Library and information science/

Humanistic social

informatics 1101

Neuroscience in general

Discipline: Cerebral Neuroscience

Construction and management of information resources

Computational staistics and computer aided statistics

(Discipline: Informatics)


(Discipline: Informatics)



NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword NumberItem Research Field Keyword

AMolecular and cellular neurobiology AEnvironmental facilities BDevelopment, differentiation, and aging BInfectious diseases

CNeurotransmitters and receptors CCryopreservation

DIntracellular signal transduction DBiosafety

EGlial cells EDisease models

F FBreeding genetics

GDevelopmental engineering GStem cell biology, regeneration, and repair HLaboratory animal welfare

HNeural plasticity JAnimal experiment technology

JNeuropharmacology KBioresource research

KDrug development LGenomic neuroscience

A Neurophysiology NumberItem Research Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword ANeuron, synapse, and neural circuit A Biomedical engineering

BGlia ABiomedical image

C BPhysiome and biosystem

CBioinformation and instrumentation

DSomatic and visceral sensation, and pain DBiomechanics

EPosture and motor control EArtificial organs, regenerative medicine

FAutonomic nervous regulation FBiological properties

GSystem neuroscience and neuroinformatics GBiomedical control and therapy

HCognition, language, memory, and emotion H

JFunctional neuroimaging

K JMedical micromachines, nanomachines

KNanobiology, nanomedicine

LNeurological pathophysiology LBioimaging

B Muscle physiology B Biomaterial science

MMuscle contraction mechanism and energetics MBiomaterials

NExcitation-contraction coupling NBiofunctional materials

PMolecular neurophysiology and molecular motor PCell/Tissue engineering

QReceptors and intracellular signal transduction QBiocompatible materials/Biosuitable materials

R RIntelligent materials

SBioconjugate materials SCardiac excitation and conduction abnormalities T

TMyocardial dysfunction and regeneration

UCardiac and smooth muscle remodeling UDrug delivery system

VSmooth muscle physiology VNano-biomaterials

WSkeletal muscle physiology and pathophysilogy AMedical ultrasonics

AGenome brain science BMedical imaging system

BEpigenetics CLaboratory examination system

CBrain molecule profiling DMinimally invasive treatment system

DNano brain science ERemote diagnosis and treatment system

EChemical biology FOrgan preservation and treatment system

FMedicinal brain science GMedical information system

GBrain function probe HComputational surgery

HBrain imaging JMedical robotics

JLuminary brain science A Rehabilitation science

KNeuron glial cross-interaction ARehabilitation medicine

LBrain function model animals BDisability science

MBrain function behavioral analysis CPhysical therapy

NBrain and rhythm DOccupational therapy science

PSleep ESpeech language and hearing therapy

ABrain morphology measurement FSocial welfare and health science

BBrain function measurement GArtificial sensory organs

CReal time brain blood flow measurement HGerontology

DBrain activity recording (Recording) JClinical psychotherapy

EBrain information reading (Decoding) B Welfare engineering

FSensory information KEngineering for health and welfare

GKinetic (motor) information LTechnology for activities of daily living

HCognitive information MPreventive care/Assistive technology

JHigher brain function measurement NNormalization

KBrain information processing PBarrier-free system

LBrain function operation QUniversal design

MBrain machine interface RRobotics for welfare and nursing care

ACommunication STechnology for substituting biological function

BHuman interaction TTechnical aid

CSocial behavior UHuman interface

DDevelopment and education ESensibility, affectivity and emotion FValues, reward and punishment


Laboratory animal science


Biomedical engineering/

Biological material science

1107 Fusional social brain science Neurophysiolog y and muscle physiology

Fusional basic brain science

Biomedical optical engineering, thermal engineering

Materials for regenerative medicine and engineering

1302Medical systems

1303 1105



Fusional brain recording science

Vision, audition, equilibrium, gustation, and olfaction

Neurogenesis, development, regeneration, and repair

Neural control of muscle and skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscles



Neuropharmacolo gy

Pathophysiology and therapy of neuropsychiatric diseases

Rehabilitation science/

Welfare engineering

Discipline: Biomedical engineering Discipline: Laboratory animal science (Discipline: Cerebral Neuroscience)



NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword NumberItem Research Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword A Developmental mechanisms and the body works A Home economy

AEducational physiology AFamily finance and home management

BPhysical systems science BFamily relations

CBiological information analysis CLifestyle

DHigher brain function science DConsumer purchasing activities/Life information EPhysical growth developmental science EHuman life and culture

FSensory and motor development studies FLife of the aged persons

B Mental and physical education and culture GCare for aged and disabled persons

GAesthetic education HLivelihood culture

HPhysical environment theory JHome economics education

JKinetic theory of leadership B Clothing and dwelling life

KPedagogy of physical education KClothing life

LFitness LClothing enviornment

MCultural theories of physical movement MLiving and lifestyle

NPhilosophy of the body NLiving environment

PLife and death education PLife material

QPsychology of physical education QLiving design/Living goods

RAffective science A Food and cooking

SOutdoor education ACooking and processing

TDance education BFood storage

UGirls gymnastics CSensory evaluation

VAdult life stage elderly gymnastics DFood materials

WMartial arts theory ECooking and functional constituent

XMotion adaptation life science FFood service

A Sports science GFood culture

ASports philosophy HTexture

BSports history JFood item and mastication

CSports psychology B Diet and health

DSports science management KHealth and dietary life

ESports pedagogy LDiet and nutrition

FTraining science MDietary education

GSports biomechanics NDietary habits

HCoaching PDietary behavior

JSports talent QDietary information

KSports for the disabled RSpecial nutritious food

LSports sociology SFood and environment

MSports environment TDiet plan

NCultural anthropology of sport UFamily and dietary life

B Medical and sport sciences VDiet evaluation

PSports physiology WFood management

QSports biochemistry RSports nutrition

SEnergy metabolism NumberItem Research Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword

TExercise and training A

USports disorders VDoping

A Health education/Health promotion activities BEngineering education

AHealth education CUnderstanding nature

BHealth promotion DSocial awareness of science

CSafety propulsion/Safety education EScience literacy

DPedagogy of health education FExperiment/Observation

EStress management GScience education curriculum

FSmoking/Drug abuse prevention education HEnvironmental education

GSchool health JIndustrial technology education

HAIDS and sex education KScience higher education

JHealth management LHistory of science and technology education

KHealth information MScience and sociocultural

LNutritional guidance NScience and technology policy

MPhysical and mental health PTeacher education/Science communicator

NLeisure/Recreation ACurriculum/Pedagogy development

B Applied medical health BTeaching-learning support systems

PLifestyle diseases CDistributed collaborative learning system

QExercise prescription and exercise therapy DHuman interface

RAging EInstructional materials information system

SSports medicine FUtilization of media

1601 Science education 1401Physical



Discipline: Human life science

1501 General human life sciences


Eating habits, studies on eating habits

Natural science education (mathematics, science, earth science physical chemical biological information)

1 2 1 Sports science

1403Applied health science

Discipline: Science education/Educational technology

Educational Discipline: Health/Sports science



NumberResearch Field Keyword NumberItem Research Field Keyword

ASociology of science AOncogene

BBioethics BTumor suppressor gene

CHistory of science CSignalling and gene expression

DHistory of technology DDNA replication

EMedical history ECell cycle

FIndustrial archaeology FCancer and heredity

GPhilosophy of science/Theory of science GApoptosis

HScience, technology and society HCell polarity

JCell adhesion and movement KInvasion


NumberResearch Field Keyword LMetastasis

ADating methods MCharacteristics of cancer cells

BMaterial analysis NCancer microenvironment

CProduction technique PAngiogenesis

DConservation science QLymphangiogenesis

EArchaeological prospection RStem cells

FPlants and animal bodies/Human remains SCellular senescence GCultural property/Cultural heritage TCellular immortalization

HCultural resources AHumoral immunity

JCultural property policy BCell immunity

CAntibody therapy DImmunotherapy


NumberResearch Field Keyword EVaccine therapy

AMuseum Informatics FCell therapy

BMuseum Education,  Museum Pedagogy GCytokine

CMuseum Information Systems, Museum Informatics HImmunosuppression

DMuseum Business Management JImmune activation

EPublic Financial and Administration of Museums AGenome analysis

FMuseum Material Resources BProteomics analysis

GHistory of Museology CExpression analysis

DIndividuality diagnosis of cancer

Discipline: Geography EOrder-made medical treatment


NumberResearch Field Keyword FDrug efficacy and calculation

AGeography in general GBiomarkers

BLand use/Landscape HTumor markers

CEnvironmental system JMolecule imaging

DRegional planning KEpigenome

EGeography education LmiRNA

FRegional geography MFunctional RNA

GGeomorphology AAntitumor substance research and chemical biology

HClimatology BChemotherapy

JHydrology CMolecular target therapy

KCartography DEndocrine therapy

LGeographic information system EDrug delivery

MRemote sensing FPhysical therapy

GGene therapy

Discipline: Oncology HNucleid acid therapy


NumberResearch Field Keyword JCell therapy

AGenome instability ABiobank

BEpigenetics BEthnoepidemiology

CCancer genome analysis CCohort study

DChemical carcinogenesis DGene-environment interaction

ERadiation carcinogenesis EPreventive intervention study

FViral carcinogenesis FChemoprevention

GBacterial infection and carcinogenesis GInterface between cancer study and society HInflammation and cancer

JLaboratory animal models KGenetically-modified animals

1952Tumor biology Discipline: Cultural property science

1801 Cultural property science

1951Carcinogenesis Sociology/

History of science and technology


1955Clinical oncology

1956 Cancer epidemiology and

prevention 1953Tumor


(Discipline: Oncology)

Discipline: Museology


1954Tumor diagnosis Discipline: Sociology/History of science and technology



Discipline: Nano/Micro science


NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword

Discipline: Environmental science A Chemical system


NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword ANanostructural chemistry

AEnvironmetnal change BCluster/Fine particle

BBiolgeochemocal cycle CNano/Microreaction field

CEnvironmental measurements DSingle molecule manipulation

DEnvironmental model EHierarchical structure/Superstructure

EEnvironmental information FSurface/Interface nanostructure

FGlobal warming GSelf-assembly

GGlobal change of water cycle B Physical system

HEnvironmental monitering of the polar regions HNanostructure properties

JChemical oceanography JMesoscopic physics

KBiological oceanography KNanoprobes

A Environmental impact assessment LQuantum information

A MNanotribology

A Nanomaterials

BImpact assessment on ecosystem ACreation of nanomaterials

CImpact assessment methods BAnalysis and characterization of nanomaterials

DImpact assessment on human health CNanosurface/Nanointerface

E DFunctional nanomaterials


FHuman activities in polar regions FFormation/Control of nanostructures

B Environmental policy GMolecular devices

GEnvironmental philosophy HNanoparticle/Nanotubes

HEnvironmental economics JSingle-molecule science

JEnvironmental management B Nanobioscience

KEnvironmental activities KDNA devices

LEnvironment and society LNano synthesis

MConsensus forming MMolecular manipulation

NEnvironmental safety and security NBiochip

A Risk science of radiation PSingle-molecule biochemistry and physiology

AEnvironmental radiation QSingle-molecule bioinformation science

BProtection RSingle-molecule science

CBasic process SSingle-molecule imaging/Nanometrology

DDosimetry assessment TGenomic engineering

EDamage A Microdevices/Micromachines

FResponse A

GRepair HSensitivity

JImpact on life BMicrofabrication

KRisk assessment CMicro-optical devices

B Risk science of chemicals DMicrochemical systems

LToxicology EMicro biosystems

MToxic substance to human FMicromechanics

NEstimation of trace chemicals pollution GMicrosensors

PEndocrine disrupting substances B Nanodevices

A Environmental technology HNanostructure fabrication

AEnviornmental conservation technology JSelf-assembly

BEnvironmental restoration technology KNanoparticle

CResource conservation technology LQuantum dot

DEnergy conservation technology MCarbon nanotube

ERecycling technology NControl of nano-properties

FReduction technology of enviornmental impact PQuantum effect

B Environmenal materials QNanoelectronic devices

GCircular material design RNano-optical devices

HCirculation and processing SSpin devices

JProduction system of circular materials TMolecular devices

KHuman living environment USingle-quantum devices

LGreen chemistry VNanomachines

MEcology and environment

Area: New multidisciplinary fields

Nanostructural science

Environmental impact assessment for the future generation



Microelectromechanical systems/

Nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS)


Risk sciences of radiation/



Environmental technology/

Environmental materials

2103 2001 2101

Environmental dynamic analysis


Nanobioscience 2002

Environmental impact assessment/

Environmental policy

Terrestrial, aquatic, and atmospheric impact assessment



NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword NumberItem Research Field Keyword

A Social systems engineering ADisease-associated gene

ASocial engineering BPersonalized medicine

BSocial system CGene diagnosis

CPolicy science DHuman genome diversity

DDevelopment planning EGenome medicine

EManagement engineering FRegenerative medicine

FManagement system GGenome-wide association study

GOperations research HHuman genome resquencing

HQuality control JGenome of model animals

JIndustrial engineering KDisease epigenomics

KModeling LHuman population genetics

LLogistics MStatistical genetics

MMarketing NMedical informatics

NFinance AGene networks

PProject management BProtein networks

QEnvironmental management CMetabolic networks

B Safety system DDevelopment and differentiation

RSafety system ESynthetic biology

SSafety engineering FDatabase biology

TCrisis management GModeling and simulation

UUrban and social disaster prevention HBioinformatics

VFire/Accident JDatabase integration

WSafety information/Environmental preparation KGenome analysis technology

X LFunctional RNA

MEpigenome control

YReliability engineering A Industrial genome sciences

A Earthquake and volcano disaster mitigation AIndustrial animal genome

ASeismic motion BIndustrial plant genome

BLiquefaction CBacterial flora in humans and animals

CActive fault DIndustrial microorganism genome

DTsunami EMarker breeding

EVolcanic eruption FGenome bioengineering

FVolcanic ejecta/Debris flow B Environmental genome sciences

GSeismic hazard GEnvironmental genome

HVolcanic hazard HMetagenome

J JGenome and symbiosis


KDisaster mitigation and buildings LConservation of species

B Natural disasters MGenetic resource

LMeteorological disasters NBiological database

MHydrological disasters NGeo-hazard

PLandslide NumberItem Research Field Keyword

QDrought ANatural product organic chemistry

RSnow and ice disasters BSecondary metabolite

SNatural disaster prediction/Analysis/Measures CSearching bioactive molecules

TLifeline disaster prevention DChemical modification of biomolecules

ULocal disaster preparedness plan and policy EBiological function related substance VRehabilitation and reconstruction engineering FMolecular mechanism of activity expression

WDisaster risk assessment GBiosynthesis

HDesign and synthesis of bioactive molecule

Discipline: Genome science JCombinatorial chemistry


NumberResearch Field Keyword KChemical ecology

AGenome structural diversity LProteomics

BAnimal genome Ain vivo functional expression

CPlant genome Bsearching medicines

DMicrobial genome Csearching diagnosis chemicals

EBacterial flora genome Dsearching agricultural chemicals

FOrganelle genome Echemical library

GGenome evolution Fstructure-activity relationship

HGenome architecture Gdiversity-oriented organic synthesis

JGenome maintenance and restoration Hbioprobe

KGenome function expression Jmolecular imaging

LGene expression regulation Kbiomolecule measurements

MTranscriptome Lintracellular chemical reactions

NProteome PMetabolome QEpigenome RGenome database SComparative genome

2401 Living organism molecular science

2402Chemical biology Discipline: Social/Safety system science


2303 System genome science Social

systems engineering/

Safety system

Community resistance to disaster (evacuation, panic, communication, hazard map)

Medical genome science

2301Genome biology


(Discipline: Genome science)

2202 Natural disaster science

2304Applied genomics Damage prediction/Analysis/Mitigation


Discipline: Living organism molecular science



NumberResearch Field Keyword

AConservation biology BBiodiversity conservation CConservation of biological strains DConservation of genetic resources EEcosystem conservation FNative species conservation GSeed conservation HCell/Tissue preservation

JMicrobial culture collections


NumberResearch Field Keyword AEurope

BRussia/Slavic area CNorth America

DCentral and South America EEast Asia

FSoutheast Asia GSouth Asia

HWest Asia/Central Asia JAfrica/African history KOceania/Oceanian history LGlobal studies

MCross-regional comparative studies NAid/Regional cooperation


NumberResearch Field Keyword

AGender differences/Gender roles BSexuality

CSocial thought/Social movements/History DLaw/Politics


FSocial policy/Social welfare GBody/Expression/Media

HScience and technology/Medicine/Life JEducation/Human development KDevelopment

LViolence/Sex workers MCross-cultural comparison

NWomen's studies/Men's studies/Queer studies Discipline: Gender

2701Gender Area studies

Discipline: Resource conservation science


Resource conservation science

Discipline: Area studies



(Discipline: Literature)


NumberResearch Field Keyword

AFrench literature

Discipline: Philosophy BGerman literature


Number Research Field Keyword CRussian and East European literature

A DOther European literatures

EWestern classics

BPrinciples of ethics/Specific theories of ethics FBibliography/Philology

CWestern philosophy GLiterary criticism/Literary theory

DWestern ethics HComparative literature

EJapanese philosophy AChinese literature

FJapanese ethics BAfrican literature

GComparative philosophy CSoutheast Asian literature

HPhilosophy of religion DOther literatures

AChinese philosophy/Thought EBibliography/Philology

BChinese Buddhism FLiterary criticism/Literary theory

CTaoism GComparative literature


AIndian philosophy/Thought

BBuddhist studies/History of Buddhism NumberItem Research Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword

AReligious studies in general APhonetics

BHistory of religions BPhonology

CSociology of religion CMorphology

DPhilosophy of religion DSyntax

EComparative study of religion ESemantics

AHistory of Western thought FPragmatics

BHistory of Eastern and Japanese thought GDiscourse analysis

CComparative history of thought HScripts and orthography

DHistory of religious thought JLexicography

EHistory of social thought KSociolinguistics

FHistory of political thought LPsycholinguistics

GHistory of scientific thought MBiolinguistics

HHistory of art theory NHistorical linguistics

AAesthetics PFrench linguistics

BArt history QGerman linguistics

RChinese linguistics

Discipline: The arts SOther languages


NumberResearch Field Keyword TEndangered and minority languages

AMusicology APhonetics/Phonology

BTheory of arts BGrammar

CVarious studies on arts CMorphology, Semantics

DCulture and representation DWriting systems

EPopular arts EStylistics

FArts and cultural policy FDialect

GLanguage in daily life

Discipline: Literature HHistory of the Japanese language


NumberResearch Field Keyword JHistory of Japanese linguistics

AJapanese literature in general APhonetics/Phonology

BAncient literature (Nara and Heian periods) BGrammar

C CMorphology, Semantics


DPremodern literature (Edo period) EHistory of the English language

E FHistory of English linguistics

GDiversity of the English language

FKanbungaku (Chinese literature in Japan) A


HLiterary criticism/Literary theory B

AEnglish literature

BAmerican literature CTeaching methods/Curriculum planning

COther literatures in English DTheory of second language acquisition

DBibliography/Philology E

ELiterary criticism/Literary theory

FComparative literature FMother tongue retention/Bilingual education

GCross-cultural understanding and communication

HJapanese affairs

JHistory of Japanese language education

KEducational testing and evaluation

Category: Humanities and Social Sciences Area: Humanities


Study of the arts/History of the arts/Arts in general

Discipline: Linguistics


1 2801 Philosophy/


Principles of philosophy/Specific theories of philosophy

2 2802 Chinese

philosophy 2803Indian philosophy/

Buddhist studies

2804 Religious studies

2805 History of thought


Art history

Systems of Japanese language education/

Language policy

Theories on qualified teachers/

Classroom research

Educational technology/Teaching materials/Educational media in general 2902 Literature in



3004 Japanese language education 2903

European literature (English literature excluded)

Modern and contemporary literature (after Meiji Restoration)

English linguistics 2904


Literary theories in other countries and areas

2901 Japanese literature

Japanese linguistics 3002

Medieval literature (Kamakura and Muromachi periods)


Discipline: Human geography


NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword NumberItem Research Field Keyword

ASystems of foreign language education AHistory of geography/Methodology

B BEconomic geography/Transportation geography

CPolitical geography/Social geography

CTeaching methods/Curriculum planning DCultural geography

DTheory of second language acquisition EUrban geography

E FRural geography

GHistorical geography

Fe-Learning/Computer-assisted language learning HRegional environment/Natural hazards

GCross-cultural communication JGeography education

HEducational testing and evaluation KRegional planning/Regional policy

JTraining of foreign language teachers LRegional geography

KEnglish language education in general MGeographic information system

LEarly English education NHistory of cartography

Discipline: Cultural anthropology


NumberResearch Field Keyword NumberItem Research Field Keyword

AWorld history ACultural anthropology

BHistory of cultural exchange BFolklore

CComparative history CEthnography

DComparative study of civilizations DSocial anthropology

EStudy of historical materials EComparative folklore

FGlobalization FMaterial culture

AAncient history (Nara and Heian periods) GPrehistoric period/Historic period

B HArts/Performing arts


CEarly modern history (Edo period) KDevelopment/Aid

D LGender

MHealth care

ELocal history NPopulation/Emigration

FCultural history PMinority

GHistory of cultural and diplomatic exchange QEcology/Natural environment

HJapanese history in general RMedia

JResearch in historical materials


BModern and contemporary Chinese history

CEast Asian history

DSoutheast Asian history

ESouth Asian history

FWest Asian/Islamic history

GCentral Eurasian history


AAncient European history

BMedieval European history

CModern and contemporary West European history DModern and contemporary East European history

EModern and contemporary South European history FModern and contemporary North European history GNorth and South American history

HResearch in historical materials


AArchaeology in general

BPrehistoric studies

CHistorical archaeology

DJapanese archaeology

EAsian archaeology

FStudy of ancient civilizations

GStudy of material culture

HExperimental archaeology

JResearch in buried cultural assets

KArchaeological informatics (Discipline: Linguistics)

Educational technology/Teaching materials/Educational media in general

Theory of foreign language education/History of foreign language education

Medieval history (Kamakura and Muromachi periods)

Modern and contemporary history (after Meiji Restoration)

Discipline: History 3005


Foreign language education

History of Europe and America 3103 3101

Historical studies in general

3102 Japanese history


3105 Archaeology

Chinese history: Ancient, medieval, and early modern period

Comparative history/History of cultural and diplomatic exchange


Asian history

3201Human geography

Comparative history/History of cultural and diplomatic exchange

3301 Cultural anthropology/



Discipline: Politics


NumberResearch Field Keyword NumberItem Research Field Keyword

ALegal philosophy/Legal theory APolitical theory

BRoman law BHistory of political thought

CLegal history CPolitical history

DSociology of law DJapanese politics

EComparative law EPolitical process

FForeign law FElectoral studies

GLaw and policy GPublic administration

HLaw and economics HComparative politics

AConstitutional law JPublic policy

BAdministrative law ATheory of international relations

CTax law BDiplomatic history/International history

DConstitutional theory CForeign policy

ELegislative studies DInternational security

FConstitutional litigation EInternational political economy

GComparative constitutional law F

HConstitutional history

JAdministrative organization law

KAdministrative procedure GTransnational issues

LAdministrative remedies HGlobal issues

MInternational tax law

NJudicial law Discipline: Economics

APublic international law NumberItem Research Field Keyword

BPrivate international law AMicroeconomics

CInternational human rights law BGame theory

DLaw of international organizations CMacroeconomics

EInternational economic law DEconomic theory

FNationality law EPolitical economy

GInternational civil procedure AEconomic doctrine

HInternational trade law BHistory of economics

ALabor law CEconomic thought

BEconomic law DHistory of economic thought

CSocial security law ESocial thought

DEducation law FHistory of social thought

ACriminal law AStatistical system

BCriminal procedure BStatistical research

CCriminology CHistory of statistics

DCriminal justice policy DHistory of statistical theory

EJuvenile law EPopulation statistics

ACivil law FIncome/Wealth distribution

BCommercial law GNational accounts

CCivil procedure HEconometrics

DLegal person AInternational economics

EBusiness corporate law BLabor economics

FFinancial law CTheory of industry

GSecurities law DIndustrial organization

HInsurance law EUrban economics

JInternational trade law FEnvironmental economics

KInsolvency law GHealth economics

LAlternative dispute resolution HRegional economics

MCivil execution law AEconomic policy

AEnvironmental law BEconomic affairs

BMedical law CJapanese economy

CImformation law DSocial security

DIntellectual property law EEconomic system

EEU law FEconomic development

FLaw and gender GPolicy simulation

GLegal education/Legal theory APublic finance

BPublic economics

CMonetary economics


EInternational monetary theory

AEconomic history

BBusiness history

CIndustrial history 3603


Discipline: Law

3401 Fundamental law

International law

Area: Social sciences

3405 Criminal law 3402 Public law

International relations

Economic history 3406 Civil law

3407 New fields of law

3404 Social law

Economic statistics 3501Politics



International cooperation (including theories of international regime and international integration)

3601Economic theory


Economic doctrine/

Economic thought

3604Applied economics

3605Economic policy

3606 Public finance/

Monetary economics


Discipline: Psychology


NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword NumberItem Research Field Keyword

ACorporate management ASelf-process

BAdministrative organization BSocial cognition/Emotion

CManagerial finance CAttitude/Belief

DManagement information DSocial interaction/Interpersonal relations

EBusiness administration EInterpersonal communication

FCorporate strategy FGroup/Leadership

GInternational management GCollective phenomena

HHuman resource management HIndustry/Organization

JManagement of technology JCulture

KCorporate social responsibility KSocial issues

LBusiness ventures LEnvironmental issues

AMarketing MMedia/Electronic network

BConsumer behavior NPersonnel

CDistribution PWork

DCommerce QConsumer affairs

EInsurance ALifelong development

AFinancial accounting BParent-child relationship

BManagerial accounting CDevelopmental disabilities

CAuditing DPersonality

DBookkeeping ELearning process

EInternational accounting FTeaching method

FTax accounting GClassroom group/Management

GGovernmental accounting HEducational evaluation

HEnvironmental accounting JEducational counseling


Discipline: Sociology LStudent counseling


NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword APsychological disorder

ASocial philosophy/Social thought BCrime/Delinquency

BHistory of sociology CPsychological assessment

CGeneral theory DPsychotherapy

DSociological methodology EPsychological intervention

ESocial research FPsychological tests

FMathematical sociology GSelf-control

GSocial interaction/Social relations HPsychological interviewing process

HSocial group/Social organization JCase study

JInstitutions/Structure/Social change KSelf-help group

KKnowledge/Science/Technology LTherapist's theory

LPolitics/Power/State MCommunity support

MBody/Ego/Identity NHealth development

NFamily/Kinship/Population PRehabilitation psychology

PCommunity/Village/City QHealth psychology

QIndustry/Labor/Leisure APhysiology

RClass/Stratification/Social mobility BSensation/Perception

SCulture/Religion/Social consciousness CAttention

TCommunication/Information/Media DLearning/Behavior analysis

UGender/Generation EMemory

VEducation/School FThinking

WMedical care/Welfare GLanguage

XSocial problems/Social movements HMotivation

YDiscrimination/Social exclusion JEmotion

ZEnvironment/Pollution KBehavior

aInternational community/Ethnicity LData analysis method

APrinciples of social welfare/Social welfare theory MConsciousness

BSocial welfare ideology/Social welfare history NPrinciple/History

CSocial security/Social welfare policy

DSocial work

EPoverty/Social exclusion/Discrimination

FChild welfare/Family welfare/Women's welfare

GSocial welfare for disabled persons

HSocial welfare for aged persons

JCommunity welfare/Community social work

KSocial work in health care/Care work

LSchool social work/Forensic social work

MWelfare management/Advocacy/Evaluation

NInternational welfare/Welfare NGOs

PVolunteer/Nonprofit social welfare agencies

QSocial welfare education/Field instruction Discipline: Business administration

Commerce 3701 Business




3902 Social psychology

3703 Accounting Educational


3903Clinical psychology

3801 Sociology

1 3702




Social welfare and social work studies

3904Experimental psychology


Discipline: Educaion


NumberResearch Field Screening Sub-panel Number / Keyword APhilosophy of education

BEducational thought

CHistory of education

DCurriculum theory

EInstructional theory

FAcademic achievement theory

GEducational methods

HEducational evaluation

JAdministration and finance of education

KSchool management

LSchool education

MEarly childhood education/Child-care

NLifelong learning

PAdult and community education

QEducation at home

REducation policy

ASociology of education

BEconomics of education

CAnthropology of education

DEducation policy

EComparative education


GSchool system/School culture

HTeacher/Student culture

JYouth problems

KAcademic achievement problem

LMulticultural education

MGender and education

NEducation survey method

PEducational information system



CCurriculum composition/development

DMaterials development



GCareer education

AEducation for children with disabilities

BSpecial needs education

CNursing for infants with disabilities

DSpecial needs nursing


FSchools for special needs education

GClasses for special needs education

HResource room education

JSpecial educational needs

KLearning difficulty

LIntellectual disabilities

MDevelopmental disabilities

NPhysical disorders

PMental disorder


RBehavioral disabilities

SSevere multiple disabilities

TParenting difficulties/Abuse

USchool maladjustment

VEducational counseling Education on

school subjects and activities


Education of individual subjects (Japanese, mathematics, science, social studies, geography/History, civics, life environmental studies, music, art, home economics, technology, English, information)

Education of vocational/Professional subject (industry, bussiness, agriculture, fishery, nursing, welfare)

4001 Educaion



2 Education excluding subject (global learning, moral, special activities)

4004 Special needs education 4002 Sociology of


Human resource development/Development education





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