ArticlesBefore and after Fukushima:The Politics of Nuclear Power in Time and Space



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立教大学グローバル都市研究所 Global Urban Studies, No.9 Rikkyo Institute for Global Urban Studies


Before and after Fukushima:

The Politics of Nuclear Power in Time and Space

Ariyoshi OGAWA 1

The Shanghainese People and the City of Shanghai

Hai YU 17

Conference Reports

The 2015 Symposium on “The Challenge of Preserving Identity and Community in Global Cities”

Tetsuo MIZUKAMI, Dharma ARUNACHALAM and Ernest HEALY 31 Locality, History and Culture in Urban Regeneration:

2015 International Conference on Emerging Issues Concerning East Asian Urban Regeneration

Dong-Kyun IM, Wonho JANG and Tetsuo MIZUKAMI 35 The Collaborative Symposium on

“Urban Policies and Local Cultural Heritage in Global Cities”

Bruce WEARNE and Tetsuo MIZUKAMI 39





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